Options Strategy Mastery

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About Course

Create an Investment system designed to make higher returns with limited risk. Use advanced options strategies to trade in all types of markets.


This course is a practical guide that will help you develop an advanced investment system using Options Strategies. Options are extremely versatile financial instruments that have been used extensively by professional traders. These instruments allow us to create unique investment scenarios that greatly increase the chance of success. Being leveraged assets, they also provide higher returns. Our own options trading system has been generating high monthly returns over the past four years (see here).

You will learn all about Options and their uniqueness. Starting from the basics of options and the 4 basic strategies you will move on to learn about advanced strategies. You will also learn about the peculiarities of the Indian derivatives market and how to successfully trade in it.

Higher returns do not need to mean higher risk. The program will show you how to manage your risk so that you are consistently making money from the market. This will give you greater control and comfort. Besides, the program ensures that you look at each aspect of the investment system and get to the market quickly and effectively.

What Will I Learn?

  • Design a system that generates high returns
  • Learn professional Risk Management
  • How to monitor your trades effectively

Material Includes

  • Workbook
  • Options Strategies Cheatsheet
  • Trade Monitoring Template


  • Desire to create a high returns investment system
  • Internet Connection

Target Audience

  • Investors looking at a higher return from their investments
  • Those looking to create a second line of income for themselves
  • Design a complete investment system