5 Steps to launch a successful Trading Strategy

  • Course level: Intermediate

About Course

Ready to jump into the market? But wait … have you considered ALL the aspects of a trading system? Why not let our professional traders audit your trading plan? If you are looking for greater success with your trading system take the 5-point audit to understand how good your trading system really is.


In this course, you will learn how to set up a trading system that is designed from the ground up to do just one thing. Make money. You will learn about all the components that professional traders have that make their trading systems work all the time. You will learn about the holy grail of investing … and believe me … it’s not what you think.

So you’ve decided to get cracking and put your money to work. You’ve had it with the 9 to 5 and finally realized that you need to get things in place before you can give your dream of financial freedom a fair shot. You think the stock market is the way to go and that’s why you are here.

Well, good for you!

The stock market is one of the best businesses to get into. Besides the ease of getting started – with very low capital requirements and easy access, it also provides greater returns, liquidity, and transparency than any other business. However, like all other businesses, the business of investing also requires planning, commitment, and dedication. In this course, I show you the essential components of the business of investing – to make sure you have ticked all the boxes and are ready to run your business the best way possible.

Topics for this course

4 Lessons

5 Steps to a Successful Trading Strategy?

This playbook takes you through a 5-step process that will help you develop a professional trading system.
Market Timing
Risk Management
Trade Plan

Material Includes

  • Audit Program
  • Quiz
  • Trade Plan Template


  • Internet Connection
  • Desire to create a successful trading system
  • Need to refine an existing trading system