Trading System Mastery

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About Course

Interested in investing in the stock market but don’t know where to start? Construct, test, and implement your investment plan with comprehensive guidance from our professional investors.


This program gives you an insight into how a professional investor works in terms of setting up a trading system investing money in the stock market.

The program takes you through a process of creating a customized trading system that you can take to the market and implement. The goal is to have an investment plan that gives you consistent returns from your investments, enabling you to supplement if not replace your income from other sources.

Just like a professional trader, you will learn to follow a disciplined approach to investing. The program will teach you how to create a plan that will ensure that every investment of yours is planned beforehand and executed as per the plan. You will learn how to train your mind to think like a professional investor and create a system that is designed to create consistent returns for you.

The program also shows you how to test the system you have designed so that you are ready to get started with confidence.

You have worked hard for your money and it is time that you make your money starts working as hard for you.

What Will I Learn?

  • Minimum requirements of a Trading System
  • How to test a Trading System
  • Creating the trader's mindset

Material Includes

  • Workbook
  • Trade Plan Template
  • Trade Log Template


  • Desire to invest in the market
  • Experience with a trading platform
  • Trading Plan not required

Target Audience

  • Investors wanting to create a professional Trading System
  • Those looking to have their money work for them